Mico Cabrestante | Pre-Birthday Photoshoot

It was one fine day when we did this photo shoot. Little boy Mico is turning two in a few days time! He was a bit shy when we started. A little snob too. But eventually warmed up with me as we progressed. He’s such a playful and charming little boy.  

Cassandra Marie Villaruel| Pre-Birthday Shoot

This pretty little girl will be turning 2 in a few days time. Her mom, Jane already booked a few months ago. Just that due to her busy schedule it was moved and postponed many times.     We had a hard time putting some hair accessories to her, because she just simply want her […]

Jannsen + Clarise | On Location Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot

A two-day pre-nuptial session was a bit tiring and pretty exhausting. But it’s all worth it. Having these lovely photos captured was one of my best work so far. 🙂