Chris + Steffi | Wedding at Papaya Beach, El Nido, Palawan

US based couple once contacted me way back  February 2014 asking about my rate for a wedding event at El Nido. I gave them the quotation and just waited for the confirmation.

A year already passed, and I forgot about them. Came August this year when Steffi emailed me back and sent me the down payment for her booking.


El Nido Wedding Photographer


Came the day of the wedding, I was actually expecting to finish the wedding shoot earlier, but what happened that day was exactly the opposite.


The officiating pastor came in 2 hours late (due to the fact that the original pastor didn’t made it and the one who came was the replacement already.)

Ceremonies started at around 6pm in Papaya Beach, which gave me a hard time shooting using ambient light, and alas, i didn’t had my flash gun with me that time.






GZA_2508  GZA_5928






The set up/decoration made by the Stunning Vista’s staff are perfectly pretty, it’s just that the wind was so strong that the candle lights were on and off most of the time. Plus the torch lights they made wasn’t really of a help for me that time. None the less, the ceremonies went well and we headed back to the mainland (at Stunning Vista’s beach front).


El Nido Wedding Photographer6

El Nido Wedding Photographer5

El Nido Wedding Photographer4

El Nido Wedding Photographer3

El Nido Wedding Photographer1

We arrived around 7pm or so at the main land, and there was a “Victorian” inspired table set up for their reception.








El Nido Wedding Photographer2

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