Noel + Mary | PrenNup at El Nido, Palawan

On location prenup that was held at the top tourist destination in Palawan, El Nido that is!!

Couple are US citizens, having vacation in the Philippines, decided to have their wedding here in Palawan, particularly in El Nido. We had the chance of having a short time shoot prior to their big day!

We had some engine trouble (boat propeller got broken). Boatmen fixed it after almost an hour floating at the shallow sea. Thank God we still have some sun when we reached the island for the shoot.

GZA_5939 GZA_5941 GZA_5942 GZA_5954 GZA_5985 GZA_6005 GZA_6015 GZA_6021 GZA_6031 GZA_6036 GZA_6040 GZA_6053 GZA_6058 GZA_6064 GZA_6070 GZA_6071 GZA_6086 GZA_6131 GZA_6135 GZA_6137 GZA_6139 GZA_6141 GZA_6150 GZA_6155 GZA_6156 GZA_6167

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